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Touch based system to determine start and end times of an activity Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235639D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-17
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A programmable wearable device for easily tracking a variety of activities is disclosed.

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Touch based system to determine start and end times of an activity

Disclosed is a programmable wearable device for easily tracking a variety of activities.

Studies have shown that being physically healthy can have a large positive impact on work performance and many other aspects of life. With obesity on the rise, it is becoming increasingly important that people have an easy and effective method for tracking their daily activities and workouts. Currently if someone wants to know how far they have run in a given workout they must use applications on their mobile device. There are many problems with this solution. First, it is annoying to have to carry these devices while working out. They can get unwieldy, heavy, and damaged by sweat and other environmental factors, thereby discouraging the workout process. Secondly, many of these devices are not dedicated to the purpose of activity tracking, instead having many features for other purposes; this can decrease battery life significantly, especially with longer workouts. Additionally, these devices can be difficult to use when conducting other actions during the workout or when trying to pause the activity. In addition, commands can be difficult to execute and may interrupt working out. Time is typically wasted making sure the application is started up correctly and its actually tracking the activity. These devices are also typically limited in scope, particular to tracking a single activity such as running or walking. All this leads to frustration and lack of motivation for the users. Disclosed is a device that eliminates frustration and increases usability and flexibility by utilizing a simple touch device to determine the start and stop of an activity.

A small device, a band, that the user can place on their arm, leg, or other place of convenience provides the required capability. The band could be enabled to send a signal over any communication technology. Information could be sent or received from other devices, for example, a heart monitor, pedometer, or other devices brought with them on their work...