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Cold Plate Manifold Hanger Tool Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235644D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-17
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Disclosed is a device called the cold plate hanger tool which is used for transporting, installing and removing a cold plate manifold from a water cooled computer system. Prior to this invention, it was practically impossible for a lone operator to install the cold plate manifold by themselves. The tool gangs the heatsinks together, thereby enabling installation to be a one-man operation. The heatsinks are suspended over the corresponding Land Grid Array socket until the modules are plugged, then they are sequentially unlocked from the gang and torqued into the load frame assembly. The plan is to have cold plate suppliers ship the manifolds with the tool pre-attached, which would reduce the cost of foam inserts in their shipping containers, and provide the user with a far less cumbersome method for cold plate removal.

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Cold Plate Manifold Hanger Tool

    There was no tool to assist in the process that would keep the cold plate manifold (see Fig 2.) elevated and fixed during module installation, and from falling into the LGA (Land Grid Array) socket which would result in a damaged interposer. The only known solution is for another person to hold each heatsink as the module is placed, while resting the other heatsink on the product.

The drawbacks for the known solution is causing possible damage to the product by resting the heatsinks on it and the necessity of requiring a second person to assist.

    The CPMHT (Cold Plate Manifold Hanger Tool) see Fig 1. holds, gangs, and locks the heatsinks above their designated area during module installation.

Clear Plexiglass enables visibility through the tool for Field use.

Acts as a Gang Transfer Carrier Device from box to point of installation.

Enables to swap one module at a time.

The advantages of using this invention instead of the known solution are :
- the heatsinks are held safely above and out of the way during module and thermal interface material installation.
- the heatsinks are locked into the hook design so they rest securely above the designated location.
-the invention acts as a Gang Transfer Carrier Device, transport from the box to the point of installation.
- the invention can also be utilized for the same usage in the field for module replacement.
- the invention eliminates the need for a second person to assist with the operation....