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Method for automatically matching applications to systems Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235645D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-17
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A method for matching applications to systems is disclosed.

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Method for automatically matching applications to systems

Disclosed is a method for matching applications to systems.

Organizations are often beset by difficulties meeting their functional requirements with available hardware and software. A

quality assurance organization, for example, may have reached its hardware quota, by deploying each system with specific applications, but yet may still need to deploy additional applications. In cases where thousands of systems are involved, some many years old, re-purposed and modified many times over, it may be very difficult to identify the best systems to use for the additional applications. What is needed, and what this invention provides, is an automated means for matching application requirements with hardware capabilities within and beyond the boundaries of an enterprise. In essence, an application-to-system analogue to social compatibility services is provided.

The disclosed system and method is designed to allow users to identify the best fit between existing hardware systems - whether real or virtual, single or clustered - and applications. As shown below, this "Application Matcher" can examine the capabilities of a multiplicity of systems and compare those with the system requirements of a multiplicity of applications. One system may have good matches with several applications and one application may have good matches with several different systems.

NOTE: Throughout this article the term "system" is used to denote any combination of computers, storage devices, network interfaces and topologies, except where noted. The types of systems can include mainframes, desktops, tables, and telephones. Storage devices are any other entity that may meet the requirements in the application cloud.

NOTE: It is important to note that the word "application" is being used to encompass any set of requirements, features and functions that can be supported by a system. An application may be a software program, or it may be a piece of peripheral hardware, or it may be the needs of organizations seeking a specific set of hardware.

Figure 1 depicts the application matcher concept.

Figure 1

There are several functions provided by the disclosed method and system:

1. The specification of system capabilities. The system owners can enter this manually into the Matcher through a traditional

User Interface or programmatically.

2. The specification of application requirements. Application owners can include not only the functional requirements of

systems, but may also include licensing requirements and other business requirements.


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3. The ability of system owners to provide proprietary system analysis tools that can be executed on systems. (The tools would be certified safe for use by the Matcher owners.)

4. The ability of application owners to specify matches across a variety of dimension, such as pricing, licensing, application type or category and so on.

5. The ability of system owners to speci...