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Social Network Tagging of People in Vicinity in a photograph Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235646D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-17
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A program is disclosed by which while photograph is captured the invention will capture the names of social network users near where a picture is taken, those people may not be in the photograph, accordingly the program will add the gathered information as metadata of the photograph

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Social Network Tagging of People in Vicinity in a photograph

In current days photography has become an art. People are capturing photographs from different places and sharing the photographs in social network timeline, photograph portal, etc. Thus apart from the photograph other people related information are also very important, like how many people were present in the site, their profile etc. while the photograph was captured. This will help the other viewer to understand about the context about the photograph.

Following are the possible advantages to have people specific metadata in the photograph:

1. User may want to search who has captured the photograph, which friends were nearby ( not present in the photograph) when the photograph was captured. User can open older photograph and can easily understand how many people were present in the place ( not in the photograph) while the photograph was present.

2. The advertisers can also aggregate people specific metadata from different photograph, and use the information to identify the popularity of the place and deliver advertisement.

The invention proposes a method and system by which

1. While photograph is captured, invention will capture the names of social network user near where a picture is taken, (Possibly fame of Friends, Friend of friends, Family etc), those people may not be in the photograph

2. Invention will also store following information in the photograph metadata.

a. How many people were present at the time of photography in different boundary ranges (

e.g, with in 10 meter radius around 25 people, 10 to 20 meter radius , 100 people etc)

b. Profile of the different people ( age range, occupation, addresses of the people nearby the photograph )

c. Average density of people during the time of photography ( e.g. 2 person per squire meter )

3. Once the photograph is shared, the invention can display people specific metadata in a graphical way. Like some icons of humans will be displayed around the image, and will display the position of social network friends near by.

 The above information can be used for searching photographs (stored in local device or in photographic portal).

5. Apart from that, the invention will also capture some nonvisual information of the photography place like mood related information, (Happy mode, funny mode)

   Following could be one search requirement .
 User wants to find photograph where his best friend is i...