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System and method for cloud based wipeable virtual machine configuration Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235647D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-17
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When using a Virtual Machine, how can the requestor ensure the data has been completely wiped out once the Virtual Machine is terminated? In this article, described is a method to create Virtual Machines that would allow the user to wipe the critical data or configure the Virtual Machine to automatically do it once it's terminated. The approach is based on the concept of embedding a level of virtualization on the deployed Virtual Machine and having the data and processing residing in a sub-Virtual Machine. When the user desires or the Virtual Machine is terminated, the provisioned Virtual Machine, which is now hosting sub-Virtual Machine, will start a process to wipe the user data along with the sub-Virtual Machine.

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System and method for cloud based wipeable virtual machine configuration

When using a cloud based virtual machine that has been provisioned. Users sometimes need to guarantee that the users data is completely removed from the system.

Any data on disk needs to be totally wiped to guarantee exposure when the disk gets re-used or re-provisioned by another user.

Take the scenario:

A user has asked for a VM, and the service available being deployed is to process Patient Information (HIPAA regulated) via OCR. The service performs that service, returns the OCR text, and is provisioned for a period of time for a client.

When this VM goes away, user wants it to be completely wiped.

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This correlates information across partitions as a way of securing it and pulling it together from different partitions.

This uses partitions as a way to secure data, and it moves the data around and combines it. It doesn't deal with removing any of that data from the partition.

Systems and methods for de-populating cloud data store

This removes data stores associated with a VM in a cloud. 20120221683?dq=delete+data+on ++cloud+partition+after+use&hl=e n&sa=X&ei=Tq3AUbeXLOTG0AH C64GgDA&ved=0CGwQ6AEwCA

This does not remove the risk by totally cleaning the partition or disk.

The core idea of this invention is to designate a partition as wipe-able and provision a virtual machine that will host the client information on that partition. Designate a sub-partition that manages...