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Intelligent negotiation of coupon using QR code Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235648D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-17
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This article proposes a novel approach to allow users to negotiate the content of the coupon with the vendor directly where the users could propose the modification of the coupon and the vendor could approve or make a counter offer of the coupon. The system also leverages crowd sourcing on various users coupon negotiation behaviors within the area to determine the best alternation of the coupon to fit the local crowd need. Also by leveraging the negotiated offers, the system learns in the future what coupons can be offered and have the better chance to be used.

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Intelligent negotiation of coupon using QR code

Coupons are very popular all around the world. They are well needed during financially difficult times, and for some savvy spenders who don't like to spend without any format of discount. In addition to using coupons to entice users to purchase products, coupons have also been used to differentiate and demonstrate value per cost from competitors. In a 2005 study published by Forbes*.com, it was found that the use of coupons is increasing and this was before the economy went down in shambles. Think of how many more people are using coupons now when the discounts are not only irresistible by also necessary (source -

Despite the popularity of coupons, current form of coupons are a bit restricted and only one or a few more varieties of coupons are offered per vendor. For example, when a user receives two coupons from a popular local pizza store from the clipper magazine, it has:

$10 large cheese pizza

However, what if the user doesn't want to buy a large size cheese pizza, nor does the user's family drink soda. This unfortunately makes the coupon unusable for the user. Below contains a possible way to implement this using Quick Response (QR) code but the actual implementation may leverage other technologies as well. QR code coupon is getting popular these days because of the following reasons:

It eliminates the need to print out the coupon, and having the coupon available on the user's mobile device is

convenient as it won't be forgotten when the user needs the coupon.

From the coupon manufacture, it is a lot easier to track how the coupons are used and where the coupons are used.

The system can leverage the existing art of using coupon with QR code to allow user to easily scan the QR code to have access to the coupon into the mobile device or other smart devices. Once the QR code is scanned, the user will be presented with the existing paper coupons they have access to, but in the user's mobile device. In addition to that, the QR URL site could offer other alternative coupons that is targeted to either just today, or just every Monday, or some special prices for certain drink or entries for today. The user may wish to use any of the other alternative coupons or the user may decide to propose a counter offer of the coupon.

Examples of the counter offer:

The coupon the user had expired yesterday, the user proposes to extend the expiration to today.

The coupon the user had covers Pizza with soft drink for $2 off. The user proposes to have just the pizza without

soft drink for $1.5 off.

The coupon the user had covers Pizza with free breadstick, the user proposes to switch free breadstick with 6

chicken wings and pay $3 more.

Once the vendor accepts the user's proposal, the vendor can check its inventory for today and this week/month and make the following potential actions:

Approve the user's request. For example, the...