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Email for life

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235658D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-18
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Method to provide users with a permanent email address for their life is disclosed.

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Email for life

Disclosed is a method to provide users with a permanent email address for their life.

Email services are a necessity rather than a luxury in the current interconnected social and business world. Whether it is to convey information at the workplace, to keep in touch with loved ones or to receive and send timely information, email is used everywhere. There are multiple email providers today, each with their own advantages and limitations. The email address of a user changes with time due to several factors.

It could be due to changes in job, changes in education, or changes in features offered by email service providers. It may also be necessary for a user to maintain multiple email addresses at the same time. This is a very common use case since a user may be using a different email address for his job, another one for the alumni network that he is a part of, another one to receive utility bills for his home, etc. Each of these multiple email addresses can change due the factors outlined above. The fact that a user is associated with different email addresses at different points in time, prohibits the use of an email address to identify an individual / group for a significant amount of time. Also, regularly checking different email accounts for potentially ignored messages is time consuming and cumbersome to say the least. The user also needs to manage the spam received for each of the distinct email addresses individually, again incurring precious time and effort.

Current Solutions: A user who has multiple email addresses, could either

Check all email addresses, managing each email address individually. (i.e. reading


messages, managing spam etc.)

Ensure that he has set up mail forwarding to an email address that he checks most



Set up an email address as an external email which routes emails to different


underlying email addresses based on complex set of rules that the user specifies. Note: this single email address is subject to change for reasons discussed earlier. Update all senders to know about his most frequently used email address.


The disadvantage of the current solutions is that they require excessive user intervention. This means that the users (sending & receiver) need to spend time and effort to stay current and manage multiple email addresses. The current solutions also require the user to be proficient in specifying rules that completely cover all possible scenarios for email forwarding.

Disclosed Solution:

Allow the user to be identified by a single universal email address - Email for Life.


e.g. john@email4life.com

Emails received at this universal address are routed to different pre-configured


underlying email addresses through intelligent behavior learned over time.

Even if any of the underlying email addresses change, all the users contacts are


shielded from this change.

Utilizing a learning algorithm for identifying the most appropriate forwarding email



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