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IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235690D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-20

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Method and System for Seamless, Real-time and Scalable Numerical Simulation under Uncertainty of Data-Poor Problems


[0001]         Numerical reservoir simulation may include handling and understanding a large amount of data, and/or may require specialty software and hardware, study cycle times, and reservoir engineering expertise.  However, when problems are too complex to accommodate the sometimes sweeping assumptions of analytical methods, numerical reservoir simulation presents a more thorough, complementary alternative to traditional reservoir engineering techniques applied in the industry as a quick and reliable forecasting tool.

[0002]         Despite these advantages, users often shy away from numerical reservoir simulation for various reasons (lack of data, skill, time, infrastructure, etc.), continuing with analytical approaches that often only require general purpose software, such as a spread sheet.  The hurdles for conducting a numerical reservoir simulation study in terms of skill, time, software (e.g., ECLIPSE®, Petrel®) and hardware (workstation or computational cluster) requirements, may effectively exclude some oil and gas companies from the reservoir simulation discipline.


[0003]         Embodiments of the present disclosure remove initial hurdles to modeling by offering a light-weight reservoir simulation service, where an end user can enter a basic description of the problem, leaving the service to build complete simulation decks that sample across realizations of specified uncertain parameters.  The service then runs the simulation ensembles, and displays results as ranges to the user.  Via the web-interface, for example, the end user is able to assess sensitivities, perform manual history matching where applicable, and conduct forecasting.

[0004]         Such service may receive and employ a limited amount of information to automatically build ensembles of reservoir simulation models in ECLIPSE® or INTERSECT®.  The process of model building is performed in the background which relaxes the need for rigorous user input.  The simplicity of the service requires little or no learning curve.  Multiple models of the subsurface are then generated to evaluate the impact of various input parameters on reservoir production and maximize net present value (NPV) or other economic factors.  As the service is web-based and hosted on a server, the usage is globally mobile and the service can be accessed from anywhere using desktop or mobile computing devices.  Cloud computing concepts allow for an efficient use of available computing resource.

Brief Description of the Drawings

[0005]         The accompanying drawings, which are incorporated in and constitute a part of this specification, illustrate embodiments of the present teachings and together with the description, serve to explain the principles of the present teachings.  In the figures:

[0006]         Figure 1 illustrates a system including communication between cloud servers, mobile and desktop...