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Method to generate power and create look-ahead street lighting driven by vehicle air displacement traffic barrier energy generators Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235695D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-20
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Redesigning traffic barriers as a greener solution: Energy generation via air displacement, low-power street lighting, and dynamic traffic detection.

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Method to generate power and create look -ahead street lighting driven by vehicle air displacement traffic barrier energy generators

Disclosed is a device which aims to address the following problems:

Energy wasted via air displacement of vehicular traffic

Light pollution due to tall overhead lighting

Cost requirements associated with installing and maintaining tall overhead lighting

Energy wasted by lighting roadways not frequented by regular vehicular traffic

The idea of this device is to redesign the existing concrete traffic barrier in order to serve multiple purposes. With the redesign, the new device will be able to convert the wasted energy of air displaced by passing vehicles to electrical energy via fan driven generation. In addition, reduction of light pollution will be achieved by illuminating the roadway from a lower traffic barrier height level that lights only the roadway. Finally, reduction of energy use will be achieved by only lighting the roadway as a vehicle passes with low-energy usage LED lamps through the means of motion and speed detection.

The concept will involve building new highway median dividers that incorporate air-driven power generators, led directional lighting, rechargeable batteries, motion sensors, relay circuitry/signal lines, and pass-through power lines.

The device would function as follows:

Air driven power generating fans take the displacement of air caused by wind and/or passing vehicles and convert the motion into power.

Directional LED lighting is aimed at the street segment giving sufficient lighting for oncoming vehicles. Lighting is directed lower to

reduce light pollution and remove the need to install tall street lamps. This further reduces the cost of installing, wiring, and maintaining street lamps.