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Method of Aggregated Chat History Management in Cloud Network Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235697D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-20
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A software method and solution for integrating web and application based chat clients into one central location.

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Method of Aggregated Chat History Management in Cloud Network

Disclosed is a process to integrate and combine chat logs from different chat clients into one centralized location for unity and ease of after market processing. Third party chat clients can easily integrate their own chat history through REST APIs with the use of this process.

There is a lack of online services out there that will aggregate all of a user's chat history from different chat clients which makes it difficult to search for information from a previous chat. Having such a service can help users search for questions or answers that they previously asked or answered. One drawback is the issue of privacy. Many people are cautious when it comes to storing personal information on a cloud service because of the possibility of a breach or the government spying activities.

There are 2 different types of chat clients to consider. There is the web chat client where a user can chat by using a browser. There is the chat application where a user will have to install the chat client on the device in order to chat. For the web chat clients, the chat history can be obtained through APIs provided by the messaging client. For the chat applications on physical devices, a lightweight chat daemon can be installed to monitor and send the saved chat logs to the cloud. Once all the chat data is in the cloud, it will be formatted and sorted by chat recipient and time of chat in order to provide a logical organization of the chat logs. Finally, a simple user interface could provide the user of this service as a way to access the chat information.

Below is a chart highlighting the claimed process along with an explanation of each component.


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Major Components in Flow Diagram.

Chat Retrieval Service- This service will periodically pull data from the chat services through their REST APIs. Many popular web clients have APIs that will send back chat history in a


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certain format. In order to set up this service, the following inputs are needed from the user: user-name, password, and web chat client type. The information will be encrypted...