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Method to Flag down a Mobile Vending Machine

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235715D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-24
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Disclosed is a system to implement a mobile vending machine based on self-driving vehicle technologies.

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Method to Flag down a Mobile Vending Machine

As self-driven vehicles become more prevalent, there is great potential for new business and technological opportunities. One area in particular involves vending machines. Currently, vending machines are static entities that require a customer to seek the machines when needed. Fusing vending machine technology with self-driving technology opens a new world of consumer good services. To facilitate this area of services, a system is needed that enables a user to flag down or alert a self-driving vending machine when a user wishes to make a purchase.

The core idea of the novel contribution builds upon the self -driving vehicle concept and applies it to the common vending machine. The novel contribution, then, is a design for vending machines that patrol a set area (e.g., shopping mall, neighborhood, etc.) and receive alerts from consumers who wish to make a purchase. The alert is executed without another form of technology on the customer's part, in order to avoid limiting the machine's potential consumer base.

Depending on the size, speed, and area of coverage, the vending machine detects a respective customer in one of the following ways:

• Visual gestures such as waving, thumbs up or some other relatively unique hand gesture. These could be shown as a sign on the machine until such gestures become commonplace.

• Verbal cues tuned to the system (e.g., "Vending machine stop" or "Vending

machine purchase"). "Stop" al...