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A way to Implement 5.1 Subwoofer Using Device on Hand

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Publication Date: 2014-Mar-24
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The main idea is to fully make use of the high-speed wifi or 3G network of the smart phones and emulate high quality surrrounding sound track to mimic the 5.1 channel sound speaker.

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A way to Implement

A way to Implement




Subwoofer Using Device on Hand Subwoofer Using Device on Hand

Oftentimes there are lots of scenarios, limited by realistic environment, such as not having high-quality surround sound speaker available, it degrade the movie or song lover's enjoyment, also in situation of when attending seminar or meeting which is hold in so big a place that the audience sitting behind cannot clearly catch what the speaker's saying, all these obviously boil down to one point how to make use of the increasingly powerful mobile device to improve the sound quality and meanwhile extend the reaching scope of the voice .

The innovation idea of solving the above dilemma isto try fully exploring the functionality of the intelligent mobile phone by taking advantage of the high-speed WIFI or 3G mobile network and powerful software and hardware on the current mobile device, it is possible to emulate the high quality surrounding sound speaker with several phones available, as illustrated below, the five phones can be used to mimic the 5.1 channel sound speaker.

From Mobile Phone to Surround Sound Speaker

The function can be implemented simply from the software level, most of the media player now support the high quality sound playing, take the 5.1 channel surround sound for example, why it woks because multiple audio channels are received through speakers that are positioned at various locations in the room, in essence, the multiple channel sound information already has been encoded into the movie or sound file. The key of achieving this end is to make the software having the ability of talking with the media-player software to receive the multiple channel audio data, decouple into different sound channel and deliver to its belonging sound players here meaning the phones working as the speaker.


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Sound Processing Flow

Logically the software to be invented are composed of "master" side which behave as the "server" responsible for creating the multiple channel sound and through WIFI connection deliver the specific sound channel to its slave nodes and
"slave nod...