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Sales Configurator topology and cable optimize solution Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235729D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-24
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This article is for Sales Configurator topology and cable optimize solution. The core idea is this article proposes a novel method to embed the acutal rules of topology and cabling(T&C Optimize Module)to sales configrutation tool. This invention starts with a set of customer selected Machine Type and parts, then runs a optimization engine over multiple modules ,and ends with a generation of two topology diagrams for customer and manufacturing. To bring the sollution and benefit for below users: (1)To Customers: Customer can get the correct configuration and cable parts in sales configuration tool instead of ordering some incorrect cable to downstream system and extend the cycle time. (2)To manufacturing engineer: With this invention, all server rack/box order with correct parts and topology can build on production line directly. It reduce the cycle time and line down risk by avoiding wrong configuration. (3)To Sales engineer: The sales engineer can improve customer satisfaction by always providing the correct configuration and accurate quotation.

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Sales Configurator topology and cable optimize solution

Section1: Background

Problem solved
In today's server manufacturing,sales configuration tool is used to show the customer physical arrangement of their selected parts in a rack or a drawer including the cables connecting different devices. However, sales configuration tool only generates a space diagram which normally is different than the final product. It does not provide a final product topology. Customer receives incorrect perception of their product. And many times, they place incorrect parts orders based on the incorrect product diagram generated by sales configuration tool. For example, a cable selected by sales configuration tool does not fit to the product. This mismatch will only be found in manufacturing process. So customer need to revise their order and rebuild, which decreases customer satisfaction and extends fulfillment cycle time.

Known Solutions

Wait for Manufacturing to find the mismatch, and have engineer to verify then ask customer to re-order correct parts. This brings additional order cancellation, order alteration. It increases the fulfillment cycle time.

Another solution is customer specified rack placement where customer can pre-define their product topology, but this mainly focus on customer special requirement instead of considering engineering rules.

Why Additional Solution is Required

To provide a correct product view, and allow customer to order the correct parts at the first p...