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WTX Type Tree Java Automation Using EDI Standards Table Data Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235734D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-24
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Disclosed is a method for creating type trees for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) that operate on X12 and EDIFACT data. The method enables a fast and reliable process for transforming one standard data type to another type.

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WTX Type Tree Java Automation Using EDI Standards Table Data
The method described herein allows rapid developer to fully create the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) type trees that operate on X12 and EDIFACT data. This allows customers to analyze data for validation errors and transform data from one standard type to another (e.g., X12 format to Extensible Markup Language (XML)). The creation process is done in minutes, using the table data, with no human errors.

The X12 and EDIFACT table data is provided through subscription, and it is in table data format. This solution uses Java* coding to translate the table data into binary artifacts, called type trees.

The automation links each record together using the table data to construct a

working set that includes all of the segments; each segment includes many elements, some of which have associated use rules.

This solution, compared to the legacy process of hand coding the type trees after analyzing the table data each year, saves time and reduces defects. The process of hand coding these trees takes months each year; with this solution, the process is complete in minutes.

Example embodiment: Create the X12 version 6050 225 transaction
In the 6040 version of the X12 sethead table get:
"225","Response to a Cartage Work Assignment","MY"

Using "225" look up all of the segments included in the 225 transaction (setdetl table):
"225","1","0100","ST","M","1","0","0","" - ST is the first segment in the 225 transaction. It is mandatory, and...