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Artwork File Translation validation Assistant Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235748D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-25
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This invention presents a system and apparatus on how to efficiently avoid the artwork file layout issues after the translation. Users predefine the to-be protected areas in source artwork files, then the system can automatically detect the overriding issue and make adjustments to eliminate the overriding issues.

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Artwork File Translation validation Assistant

Currently when translating artwork files, it first extracts words from the artwork file, then merge it back to the artwork file after translation . Because the words after translation maybe longer than original, so some important area maybe covered, and such problem can't be resolved except manual checking, but manual checking is very low efficient.

We need an automatic and efficient solution to resolve such problem .

Our invention is to provide a method of detecting and correct text overriding on essential graphs during the translation of artwork files. Instead of checking artwork translation manually with great effort, we provide method and algorism of checking automatically. To detect the overriding, we first locate all the essential graphs in the artwork file and define essential area which can never be overridden by texts. To correct the overriding area, we adopt some solutions, for example, adjusting font size and inserting new line characters , for some circumstances changing the path of the texts. The invention could also help to create high quality source artwork files by protecting important area.


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There are 3 key modules in our invention.
Protect Areas pre-define module: Allow use to define the areas that need to be protected, and record the define information into meta



Represent Module - Represent the translated artwork files, and show warnings if any protected area is covered by new translation


Adjust Module - Adjust the artwork file automatically to e...