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Restricting multiple execution of same function Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235751D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-25
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This article describes a method for preventing repeated and undesired execution of the same function through analysis of command strings and execution environments.

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Restricting multiple execution of same function

Quite often a user will double click on a document, not think anything is happening and try again - only to find the computer is just taking time loading the initial request and the user ends up with multiple copies of the same document open which takes longer to load due to the additional processing.

    The technique proposed in this disclosure is, that when executing a command (i.e. opening a file), the system can identify if said command is already in process (look at command string and arguments as well as when it was launched). If the command is determined to be an unnecessary repeat request, the system can either block or provide a dialog box indicating request is already in process.

    When a user opens a file, the proposed embodiment will search running processes and previously executed commands (and environments) to find a match. If a match is found then if it was launched within x seconds implementations will identify it and may block the request or inform the user to prevent multiple unnecessary processes from running concurrently.