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Time based prioritization of mails in mail box Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235758D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-25
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Generally, when working in a big company, the staff's mailbox might full of mails. And every day, the new incoming mails will push down the old ones, sometimes, the user is not able to check each one of them or can check it but have no time to process on time. Hours or days later, the user might miss some important but not urgent mails, and it is hard to retrieve them from the mailbox. So this disclosure describes a method to allow each mail in inbox updating its priority and order in mailbox based on its predefined time threshold and user action upon the mail. So if the user ignores the important mail at the first time, that mail still has chance to be high light and be list on the top when the predefined time and action rule will be met later. It can be used in mail system to prevent the user missing any import events.

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Time based prioritization of mails in mail box

Almost everyone working in big company has the experience to ignore the high important mail. The general reason to ignore them are:

1. There are too many mail coming every day.

2. The mail is important but not so urgent, it has a deadline in months or weeks(For example, the mail asking a user to complete security checking before a time point,etc.).

3. Sometimes, the mail will be resent to reminder you if you had not complete the action required. Unfortunately, the resent mail is very possible to

be swept away from the top list in the mailbox and be ignored again.

A solution to resolve issue above is to introduce a mechanism to bring back some high important mail to the top list when some important time points reaches or event happens. For example, for a important action required mail, when the user doesn't touch the mail and there is 2 weeks to the deadline, the mail will be bring back to the top once when you open or active the mailbox in the morning, and when the deadline is reach, the mail will be bring back to the top list and keep stay on the top until the user executes some action in it like clicking a "Complete Action" button.

The main idea of this disclosure is to introduce a mechanism to update the sorting prioritization of mail based on the time stamp defined in the mail. The incoming mail has the reminder/deadline setting. And the reminder or deadline reaches, the mail will update its order in the mail list or even the category in the mail list. And the status or some action defined in the mail can disable/enable the reminder/deadline setting.

The advantage of this idea is to help use focus on...