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System for Likewise Comment/Response Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235804D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-25
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A method and system for likewise comment/response is disclosed.

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System for Likewise Comment/Response

Disclosed is a method and system for likewise comment/response.

Many individuals, teams, departments, organizations wish to have the ability of delivering a coherent and sustained communication to reach a goal (a business, social, ethical or marketing goal). When one user responds to another comment on a blog, wiki, forum or other such channel, the user can sometimes be unsure if it is worthy or suitable. Sometimes a user would like to post a comment without second guessing themselves and so would like to say "... post this comment if there is a subsequent and likewise comment..." This allows a user to be confident that they are not a lone voice and so more open to scrutiny. If the comment is more in line with the wisdom of the masses then the comment is more likely to be accepted/correct.

For example there is a Oracle

                                     ® is slow". UserA disagrees with this statement and wants to say "Java is fast actually". UserA is fearful that what they say will be incorrect and/or they will be a high-profile target from other users. UserA would like the comment to appear only if there were other likewise comments to the same thread/blog/community. It would be useful to have a system that enables userA to state that this comment should be sent for special handling and processed according to the wishes of the user.

This system allows a user to orchestrate a phased/likewise response for, but not limited to, a thread/blog/community.

Consider this scenario:
UserA sees the following message:

® blog entry stating that "Java

Hi All.

Java is performing slow


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… and wants to respond with The users selects the above text and requests that it be handled for Likewise Commenting. The system with the help of the user ascertains the following:

Objective of the originating and studied comment: A Natural Language processing unit processes the comments to ascertain semantic distance e.g. there is a likely 87% distance gap in the statements. The system ascertains that the semantically similar statements should be found for the studied statement e.g. monitor for statements like "There are great performance benefits of Java and it is a myth that Java is slow"

Triggers: UserA can input triggers that will actuate the comment e.g. semantic threshold value to wait for.... number of resp...