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Method and system for customizing gesture based unlock functionality

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235814D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-25
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A program is disclosed by which mobile device unlock functionality can be controlled with gesture length travel.

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Method and system for customizing gesture based unlock functionality
As per existing system, user can unlock mobile device with a gesture. Following diagram (Figure 1) talks about how a user can perform Gestures to unlock a phone.

Figure 1

During an emergency, a user may not want to follow complex Gesture based unlocking method. At the same time, a user will also want to protect the mobile device with a complex gesture pattern. For example, As per Figure 1, Delete functionality will not be available, to activate Delete user has to complete entire running length of predefined gesture paths.

This invention proposes a method and system by which

1. Based on the running length of the gesture, a user can define unlocking of different functions, applications etc. It means, the more the distance travelled in the predefined gesture path, more the applications, functions of the same application will be unlocked.

2. User can unlock the basic functions, applications, file by performing a partial gesture in a predefined gesture path.

3. Based on a user's requirement, a user can follow predefined gesture length.

4. Based on Gesture length travel in predefined path, invention will make the appropriate applications, functions available to the user.


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5. User can also use partial gesture to not only unlock, but also launch an app, accordingly the functionality will be available.

If any user unlocks or starts any application with partial gesture and During any activit...