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Responsive design pattern for coupled components in a component based UI (Portal) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235834D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-26
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Disclosed is a component-based user interface design that allows both list and description components in the same screen space, but hides the one currently not needed by the user.

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Responsive design pattern for coupled components in a component based UI (Portal)

Component based user interfaces (UIs), such as Mashups or portals, often use a display in which one component displays a list of selections and another component displays the details of a selection. Transporting the selected information can be via client side (via JavaScript* events or callbacks) or server side (as Uniform Resource Locator (URL) parameter, action event) means.

Using such a UI (i.e. written to the modern responsive web design pattern) with a

device with little real estate on the screen leads to re-arranging the components in view. This means that the selection list is moved to the top of the screen, the user makes a selection, and then the user needs to scroll down to see the details of the selection. This can be a cumbersome interaction.

The solution is a design to allow both components into the same place but hide the one currently not needed. Per default, the function hides the detail component and presents the list component. When selecting an item in the list component, the list component is hidden and the detail component is made visible. The aggregation framework displays a link to return to the list view component and allow the user to return to the starting view.

Current systems can achieve this only for a monolithic UI, but not for a UI that is created by a business user via dragging and dropping UI components on a page, configuring, and then wiring togeth...