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System and Method to auto generate Hash Functions

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Publication Date: 2014-Mar-27
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System and Method to auto generate Hash Functions

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System and Method to auto generate Hash Functions

Suggested is a mechanism where hashing functions could be improved by having an analytical module which analyses a sample set of input and generates or finds the best hashing function which will result in reduced collision.

Below picture depicts the same. the application which uses hashing functions provides the sample set of keys which is analysed by the module and an hash function is generated. The hash function could be based on any of the internal algorithm and it is continuously studied by analysing the amount of collisions happening in the hash table and calculates an efficient algorithm.

Also this could be saved in a meta-file internally for future reference and reduce the process of having to regenerate it again.

If attempted automated hash function results in more collision (as shown


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in TABLE A), then the intelligent framework should be able re-define the hash function itself, in such a way that the collision is minimal (as shown in TABLE B)

TABLE A : Collision for a particular key is more

TABLE B :explaining less collision , thereby weight is high.

1 C1 C2

2 C5

3 C3

4 C4


generate best possible search function based on weights. ( Ex : y=2x*x+4*x+9)