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PRESSURE SENSOR Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235858D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-27

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A pressure sensor comprises a first substrate (1) and a cap (4) attached to the first substrate (1). The cap (4) includes a processing circuit (241), a cavity (41) and a deformable membrane (42) separating the cavity (41) and a port open to an outside of the pressure sensor. Sensing means are provided for converting a response of the deformable membrane (42) to pressure at the port into a signal capable of being processed by the processing circuit (241). The cap (4) is attached to the first substrate (1) such that the deformable membrane (42) faces the first substrate (1) and such that a gap (6) is provided between the deformable membrane (42) and the first substrate (1) which gap (6) contributes to the port. The first substrate (1) comprises a support portion (7) the cap (4) is attached to, a contact portion (8) for electrically connecting the pressure sensor to an external device, and one or more suspension elements (9) for suspending the support portion (7) from the contact portion (8).