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Method for automated monitoring instrumentation of application middleware within cloud computing infrastructure Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235859D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-27
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Disclosed is a method to establish automated monitoring instrumentation for multiple application software middleware deployed into a cloud-hosting infrastructure, where the control of installing, removing, or changing middleware software is delegated to the cloud user or cloud services consumer.

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Method for automated monitoring instrumentation of application middleware within cloud computing infrastructure

Cloud services providers need a way to monitor middleware software compliance , availability, and performance, as well as implement simple analytics. An effective method requires basic governance elements for cloud hosting , such as self-service enablement to request hosting elements, including servers and application middleware. Key capabilities provided by the governance enablement are record of reference to hosted components (e.g., Internet Protocol (IP) address, hostname, and port number), defined functional accounts, and basic classification.

Known solutions to this problem are available from various vendors and are based on a common monolithic agent deployed locally to the server, incorporating a multi-set of plug-ins and capabilities. Such capabilities include the ability to discover locally deployed applications and auto-enable monitoring with built-in plug-ins. The drawbacks of such solutions are the presence of third party code that might conflict with the monitoring candidate applications, might be missing a required plug-in, or might have plug-ins at a different level(s) than desired. Current solutions represent a "one size fits all" type instrumentation approach and not a dynamically expandable , reconfigurable, extensible solution, which can be adjusted in an agile way to meet the needs of a changing cloud hosting environment and business services requirements .

The novel contribution is a method for automated monitoring instrumentation of generic cloud hosted applications, including the associated run-time server and middleware elements. This method does not require local third party code and /or agent installation on the servers, other than native plug-ins shipped with application middleware. The invented method references remote, appliance type monitoring instrumentation, in

which the monitoring elements are pre-deployed and only instantiated and selectively configured for discovered server and application middleware components within the cloud.

The method leverages a remote monitoring instrumentation scenario , with the appliance type pre-deployed and preconfigured capabilities, where logical monitoring instance are auto created each time within a predefined pool , when a new server or application middleware is discovered. In a similar fashion, once a server or middleware is decommissioned, the monitoring instance can be deleted or re-purposed. Instance creation and configuration is automated based on information made available within the following registries:

• Hosting Services Registry (HSR), where hosted projects are defined together

with functional accounts to servers and middleware. This registry is populated based a Service Request Solution (SRS), where users or customers request services and specify associated information, such as requested middleware, functional accounts, and others. The HSR...