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Invention of a Natural Emollient, Hemisqualane for use in Cosmetic Formulations Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235860D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-27

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Jeffery Kizer


Hydrocarbon oil which is used in cosmetic and skin external skin preparation can be classified as petroleum based, synthesis based, animal-fish based, plant based, but are limited resources and are difficult to obtain stably and continuously. Thus, the present invention provides a production method for stably and continuously obtaining hydrocarbon oil (also known as Hemisqualane), and blending the hydrocarbon oil to provide a topical skin or hair preparation. In light of these circumstances, the results from extensive studies demonstrate that hydrocarbon oil having a linear structure obtained from farnesene produced by micro-organisms from nutrients with a carbon substrate that is polymerized, and chemically treated as with hydrogenation, is effective as oil for use in topical skin and hair preparations, and that it can be obtained continuously and stably, which resolves the above issue and completes the present invention.