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Defect Event Visualizer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235868D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-28

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As an example let us consider a simple example. During the release time, it is very important for the stakeholders to monitor the defects very closely. For analyzing the defects, current defect tracking systems (including Rational) does not allow stakeholders to get the overall view of the defect without going through the notes (comments) made by participants (testers, developers etc.). Same discussion can be applied to L3 teams (while PMR handling they might move across different queues), Project Line Items. As an example, it is very difficult to get the answers for the queries below: How much time spent by developer for the defect? How much time spent by tester for the defect? What is the time being spent by different teams (especially if the defect moves around different teams)? What is the age of the defect? What comments made by developer before returning? Export the comments made by either developer or tester Mail the developer or tester directly from defect What is the contact of developer (or tester): Contact, First Line manager, Second Line mgr etc? How much time spent by build team for making the defect to verify state?