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Dynamically increase host-capacity by reducing host margins using Work-load co-relation based on utilization data Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235870D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-28

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There are various ways to achieve workload consolidation while providing IaaS to the customers of cloud computing. Providing stable plans for workload consolidation involves optimal usage of resources. Historical usage data of workloads give a pattern of workload behavior that can be used to predict the future behavior of a workload. This submission provides a mechanism to do workload consolidation using the historical data with the help of traditional bin packing algorithm. Host margin depicts the scale that can be considered reserved on the physical machine during workload consolidation. Further, in this submission, we explore a way of decreasing these host margins - as we produce placement plans that consider complimentary nature of workloads. The experiments showed that a greater hardware usage could be achieved by decreasing the host margin if we follow the workload co-relation.