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System and Method for Implementing a Secondary Market in a Cloud Network Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235875D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-28
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Cloud Computing is a rather new area that provides one with the flexibility to buy just enough computing resource that is required without having to own and maintain it. This can be extended to include the concept of secondary market that will give the cloud users a variety of options on how these resources can be used .

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System and Method for Implementing a Secondary Market in a Cloud Network

There are multiple Cloud providers available in the market who provides different cloud based services (PaaS,IaaS,SaaS etc). A cloud user can pay and use these services like the Amazon Cloud or Windows Azure . These cloud providers provide the standard basic services as listed below:

Buy a cloud service or resource

Resources can be reserved or bought on demand
Resources are of different compute capabilities with different OS/middleware

Above currently doesn't provide advanced services that can take the public cloud market to another level of usability.

Core Idea

Process of a registered cloud user providing/lending a cloud resource to a non-registered cloud user via the following techniques:

1. Cloud Gifting/reward: A user can "gift" as a award / reward cloud / resource usage to others.

2. Cloud Bank: Something like community Blood-bank, where you can exchange various cloud resources, for e.g. exchange storage for Compute or a specific compute (say power) for another compute (say x86) , without having to go through the process of selling and buying it.

3. Cloud transfer :A user can "transfer" some of his capacity / resources to his

friends and family.

4. Cloud Recharge : prepaid card for cloud - buy prepaid card
5. A cloud standard that all public cloud providers can follow to enable the above

services to be transferred between providers.

Cloud Gifting


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Cloud Bank


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