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Smart Handling of multi recipient mail Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235876D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-28

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Email is becoming very important mode of communication between enterprise as well as non-enterprise users. In an enterprise, user collaborates and share information with each other using emails. The necessity of communication between multiple parties generates chain mails which sometime can cause a heavy traffic. A user can be a part of mail with multiple recipients but may not necessarily be interested in all communication. It can be because of multiple reasons like · Sender has mistakenly included user in mail. · Over a period of time, mail has lost relevance for a particular user. · User has already taken action expected from him and no longer is required to get further communication. When sender starts the mail, copies it to all the stakeholders and later on that mail losses the relevance to someone, then recipient does not have option to remove himself/herself from this mail chain. The only option he has to reply back to that mail and expect all users while replying remove his name. Because of cascaded nature of mails, it possible a user can receive hundred of mails during a day in which user is not interested. It leads to time wastage from user as well as network bandwidth wastage. Also it’s possible that though user is still interested in receiving mail but like to be marked as copy recipient rather than main recipient.