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Performing actions based on colour detection on mobile devices Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235886D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-28
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This publication describes a method to personalise the settings for a mobile device by detecting object colour

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Performing actions based on colour detection on mobile devices

We are dealing with mobile personal settings for most of the time in our everyday life.

Some people have their setting changed once or twice a day depending on location or time.

For example :
i. Location @ in a car : set to enable Bluetooth, launch a map
ii. Location @ meeting room : set to vibrate
iii. Location @ in office : set to enable Wifi, volume to medium, check email every 5 minutes
iv. Location @ in bedroom : set to enable alarm clock, disable email

Each mobile phone has their own setting and user has to manoeuvre to specific application to enable/disable or launch/close it. Each manoeuvre will require at least minimum of three interactions. For example, in android phone, to enable the Wifi, user has to go:
i. unlock the home screen (if home screen lock is enable)

ii. Go to 'Settings'

iii. Enable the Wifi

The idea is to make it easy for mobile phone user to set these setting without necessary to go for every application to enable/disable it.

User just can scan or detect the colour of any object from their mobile phone and this detected colour will trigger an action from mobile phone.

Key items that derives this idea:
i. We are dealing with so many colours in our lives. The colour of our cubicle, bedroom, car's dashboard, meeting room etc.

ii. Most of mobile phone has a camera embedded with it.

iii. There are more and more applications in mobile phone nowadays that we need to deal with it everyday.

There is similar method that describes the ideas as above but with different context. There is a mobile phone that has Near Field Communication (NFC) enable device that can detect a NFC tag which has been personalise to trigger a specific action.

The disclosure provides a way to allow mobile phone user to trigger any action (or a combination of multiple actions) by just scanning the colour of any object from mobile phone device via its camera or...