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A Method of Object Based Bookmark in web browser Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235918D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-28
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This article presents a method and system of dynamic bookmark. For some web pages, though the web page content is changing everyday, the web page element framework is relatively fixed. This artical bookmarks by web page element and its structure. User bookmarks a web page element(a link for example), when user revist this page, web browser will open the web page and try to find the web page element(maybe fuzzy match), if the web page element is found, user is navigated to it. If it's not found, web browser will try to find its parent object and navigate to it if found. Through this invention, enven thought the bookmarked element is diappeared, user can still be navigated to the patent section.

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A Method of Object Based Bookmark in web browser


Many web pages are changing

Contents are changing

Position are changing

Though the web pages are changing, the DOM structure is relatively stable

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Main Idea

Web page consists of objects, such as TABLE/Button/Link/Form, etc.

The objects have their own attributes, such as "'ID' 'Class' 'type' 'value'".

The objects can be recognized by their attributes.

Objects are recognized by weights. Even the attributes of the objects are changed, they can still be recognized.

The objects are hierarchical.

Bookmark objects and their attributes. Locate the objects when open the bookmark

Record a section bookmark


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Revisit the section bookmark


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