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Method and system for search and rank the duplicate bug reports Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235920D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-29

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During software testing, testing team and developer team use bug report to track the issue. If we found a bug report is similar or with same root cause with another bug report, product triage team will mark this bug report as duplicate to the one created more earlier. After a release complete, testing team will mearsure their effort and quality. Duplicate bug report will reduce the quality of a testing team. So we all want to aviod to open duplicate bug report as much as we can. On the other side, if a bug report is found as same as the one we created in previous release of product, that will be considered as a regression issue, it will be marked as a big issue and big finding of testing team. The mechanism mentioned in this article is to help tester find potential duplicate defect and rank them by priority base on the special data structure of a bug report.