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Method for Detecting if a Self Driving Car is in Self Driving Mode Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235926D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-31
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Disclosed are a method and system that enable an external entity to identify whether a vehicle is in self-driving mode while on the road. In addition, the system compares the expected driving pattern of a self-driving vehicle to the actual pattern, in order to determine whether the vehicle is truly self-driven vs. a manually driven vehicle with an erroneous indicator.

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Method for Detecting if a Self Driving Car is in Self Driving Mode

As technology for self-driven vehicles advances, a method or system is needed that can accurately identify vehicles in self-driving mode. The roadways and travel systems are expected to evolve to better accommodate these vehicles, making such a detection system a necessity (e.g., for purposes such as entering a self-driving only roadway). In addition, self-driving vehicles need to communicate to other entities to confirm a self-driving mode status.

In practice, each self-driving car is equipped with a system that identifies whether it is currently in self-driving mode. Such systems, however, are susceptible to unwanted tampering that might allow the driver to take actions that are deemed dangerous and/or illegal. For instance, a manually driven vehicle could attempt to generate a self-driving mode signal to gain access to a self-driving car only road,

which could be dangerous for everyone involved. To ensure security and safety, a system must be created to validate that these systems work as intended and have not been wrongly adjusted.

The novel contribution is a system that observes the driving behavior of a vehicle and ascertains whether it is currently in self-driving or manual driving mode. This is then compared to the vehicle's self-driving mode indicator. If the indicator relays a different state than that determined by the system , then the system can take action(s), such as informing law...