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A method and mechanism to manage business processes on distributed servers Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235927D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-31

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The disclosure solves below three problems in business process management centralized model: 1. Each node(management node, compute node) is not in equality, 2. Complex to scale in /scale out, 3. The database bottleneck may be hit along with servers number increasing via four actions as below: 1. Store process instance location info in process id, or wrapper process instance location info with process id, 2. Route process instance handling according process instance location info, 3. Query process instances in parallel, and do claim 1 for the query result, 4. Decouple process instance location and the physical target, and do fail over via this So traditinal business process management product can work as distributed model. It's more suitable for clould oriented application.