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Secure Telephony Emergency Indication Method Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235937D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-31
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Disclosed is a system for associating an Emergency Indicator (e-indicator) with a cell phone number such that the user can quickly identify when an incoming call is an emergency and requires immediate attention.

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Secure Telephony Emergency Indication Method

The problem is that with the high number of cell phone intrusions into daily, life users often ignore cell phone calls that could be important. One solution to this problem is the three-time spousal-retry, which may or may not get the attention of the call recipient.

The novel contribution is the use of an Emergency Indicator (e-indicator) associated with a telephone number to indicate when a call is an emergency. A user configures a unique key sequence that can be appended or pre-pended to dialing an associated phone number; this is the e-Indicator. When the e-Indicator is dialed with a phone number, if the dialed e-Indicator matches that defined by the user being called, then the user is notified that an emergency call of some type in incoming.

To implement the e-indicator system in a preferred embodiment:

1. A user sets up a uniquely defined keyed sequence, called an e-Indicator, with the phone service provider and on the associated personal phone

2. A caller can dial the e-Indicator either before or after the phone number to indicate to the call recipient that there is an emergency. Pending support from the phone service provider, the e-Indicator may need to be entered after a specific key sequence to "flag it" as an e-Indicator (e.g., after a pound or hashtag sign). For example, if a user sets up an emergency sequence of "1 2 3 4" and that user's phone number is "555-9876", then the caller dials "##1234-555-9876"...