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Email ping Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235941D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-31
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Disclosed is a method to verify the validity of an email address before the full email message is sent.

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Email ping

If an email user sends an email to a recipient using an address that is no longer valid, then the system returns a Delivery Failure Report to the sender. This report states that the recipient user does not exist.

This method causes a couple of problems. If a large file was sent, then the sender has taken up bandwidth to send it. This is exacerbated when the email and file is sent to a distribution list containing a large number of recipients. In addition, this method can leave a sensitive file susceptible to interception during transmission.

The solution is to incorporate a method wherein the email application sends a smaller, initial email prior to sending the main email. The purpose of this initial email it to verify that the recipient's email address still exists.

In a preferred embodiment, when the sender initiates an email that meets certain criteria, the system sends a small preliminary email to each recipient. After a certain amount of time, the system sends the main email to any recipient that has not returned a Delivery Failure Report.

Criteria can include, but are not limited to:
 Size of email

 Number or recipients

 Security level of email

 Manual flag

Determination of whether this is an actual failure to deliver or an auto reply can be based on the text in the subject, or, if widely adopted, a set format in the return email could be set.

This solution is different from current art in that the novel system dynamically pings, wher...