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Method to search multiple paragraphs in text editor Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235962D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-01
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This article introduces an innovative method to search multiple paragraphs from the existing text files, which resolves limitations of existing methods provided by text editors.

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Method to search multiple paragraphs in text editor

The problem solved by our invention:

In some cases, it's more convenient if we can search entire content of multiple paragraphs using text editor . But few text editors support to use searching key word with multiple paragraphs . For example, you're reading a lot of papers and references to prepare a topic; you have retrieved some content from one of those papers before, now you need to search it in the original paper to get more information from context . The existing text editors may not help to easily and quickly get the result you want. Of course you can search one of the paragraph in the key content, and check if its sequential paragraph is as you want manually, it's really troublesome especially when you get quite a lot paragraphs in the key content, and quite a long paper to search.

Current solutions for above problem:

1. Some text editors can support searching multiple paragraphs using extended search mode .

2. Web search engine can search multiple paragraphs using contact sign " +".

The drawbacks of such known solutions:

1. It is not user friendly enough since it needs end user to convert the original key words manually .

2. For people who have few knowledge of computer science, extended search mode is difficult to be used. Since end user need to convert translate original content into corresponding signal like " \n","\t" etc.

As far as we known, there is no method that can perfectly solve this problem. And our invention provides a usable and simple solution for it.

The core idea of our invention:

It's a new mechanism which can provide an easy way to search multiple paragraphs content in Text Editors to facilitate end user's daily work.

Its main idea is that we detect the newline from original multiple paragraphs , and insert "\n" to form new search key content. Use the new search key content to search in original file content.

Using our invention, the end user doesn't need to get familiar with special...