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Autonomous software automated testing system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235964D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-01

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This invention presents a test framework to advertise, locate, prepare, balance, map the test resources and run test script on test resources automatically. The autonomous software automated testing systemis characterized by comprising a server and the clients. The server provides the test resources map, the scripts to let client system know how to install and prepare the test resource and how to run automation test case. The clients are able to understand the map and script, prepare and locate all of test resources, run test case by test engine and summarize the test result automatically.

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Autonomous software automated testing system

   Today software is more and more huge and complex. Software automation test depends on the many test resources: operating system, network, hardware, software, test engine and data source. Automation test case often returns failure due to the test environment issue but not the real defect. For example: server is down, network is not accessible, hardware or software is not ready, test engine is crashed, or database is not available. Too many automation test cases are waiting for the test resource is ready. It is not executed with high efficiency.

   The traditional method is monitoring all of test resources, send the event or notification to administrator user when the test resource change to invalid status, then administrator will fix the test resource issue by manual and run automation test again.

   We can make the dynamic test resource, map and reduce our automation test case on these test resources. In this way, we get the maximum efficiency of automation test execution. The new test framework to define physical, virtual, cloud system, network, hardware and software, test engine and database, and have a capability to advertise, locate, prepare, balance and map the test resources and run test script on test resources automatically.

   Server has the http service that provides the web UI (User interface) to let user to select automation test case, create and schedule automation task and view the test result.

   Server have a pool for automation test case. It has some rules to queue and classify the test case that we need to run. It is able to allocate, create, balance and map the test resources which test case required, and run automation test case on these test resources high efficiently.

   Every test case is documented as XML file, the standard format of action keyword and data parameters, and includes the prerequisites to list all of dependent test resources.

   Server can broadcast the test resource needed event in network. For example: operating system, http server, network, hardware and software, test engine, database and data warehouse.

Client has the network service (broadcast receiver), register and advertise the available test resources, and client will enable this service if the client system is free to use. Server collects all of test resource info from client http service, judge if the test resources are enough to run test case.

   If so, server deploys the automation test script and resources map to a client system with test engineresource, request to run automation test case. Client will upload the test result summary to server after the automation test is done.

   If not, server deploys the environment preparation script to client systems, request the client systems to prepare the test resource automatically. Clients will register the test resource info to http service after client systems finish the test resource installation.

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