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Wind Compensation System for a Crop Sprayer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235972D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-01
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Title: Wind Compensation System for a Crop Sprayer

Figure 1 (see below): Schematic illustration of a rear view of an agricultural sprayer nozzle control system.


As shown in the attached illustration, provided is a nozzle position control system for an agricultural sprayer, which automatically adjusts the spray nozzle angle to compensate for wind-induced spray pattern deflection.

Sprayer nozzles are pivotally attached to a lower, rigid stationary cross member (fixed linkage), and engage with an upper cross member (angle adjustment linkage) that moves horizontally left to right of the machine to adjust the sprayer nozzle direction. The upper cross member may be moved by an external power source such as an electric motor, hydraulic motor or a linkage tied back to the machine sprayer's primary drive system. The fixed linkage and the angle adjustment linkage are attached to a sprayer boom structure (not shown). While the attached figure shows two sprayer nozzles, it should be understood that there would be a plurality of sprayer nozzles attached to the cross members. Additionally, it may be necessary to have multiple cross member arrangements to accommodate the folding of the boom structure.

To the extreme left and right of the most outward nozzles, there is an ultrasonic sensor above the outer spray pattern.

The ultrasonic sensors are calibrated to a pre-determined sensitivity to detect a nominal spray / airborne fluid density. The signal from each sens...