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Compression of Media Files Based on Long Term Hearing Characteristics Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235974D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-01
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Disclosed is a system for compressing media files to compensate for a user’s hearing loss.

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Compression of Media Files Based on Long Term Hearing Characteristics

A human's sense of hearing, at any point, is variable in nature; based on health and environmental conditions, a given human's ability to hear certain frequencies at certain volumes is changeable. For example if the human is exposed to very high volume levels of low frequency noise, these noises can de-sensitize the human's ability to hear low frequencies. Depending on the exposure, the hearing loss may be permanent.

This article presents novel methods for compressing audio media , optimizing the compression by eliminating from the compressed audio media file the frequencies in

which the user can no longer hear.

The disclosed methods can be utilized to test a user 's hearing multiple times over time, to determine if the user has any permanent hearing loss . Based on detected hearing loss, the solution is to compress audio media files to optimize the size of the files by removing frequency information that the user cannot hear .

In the primary embodiment, an application is installed on the user's laptop or personal computer (PC) that contains the user's media files. The application can be a standalone application, or could be a plugin for a media manager application .

Each time the application is invoked, or when the user requests, the application administers a simple hearing test to the user, independently testing each ear. When the hearing test is complete, the system saves the information ab...