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Method and System for Facilitating Allergy-Safe Shopping Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235975D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-01
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A method and system is disclosed for facilitating dynamic in-store navigation support for products chosen based on allergen content.

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Method and System for Facilitating Allergy - -Safe Shopping

Safe Shopping

A customer with one or more allergies can face difficulties in shopping for appropriate products in a given store. Moreover, the customer managing household purchases for multiple people with various allergies can face difficulties to store each individual's preferences based on the individual's allergen content .

Disclosed is a method and system for facilitating a dynamic in -store navigation support for products chosen based on allergen content . The method and system provides indication about the allergen content of purchased products .

The method and system provides a virtual safe store for a customer containing only relevant products, overall size, shelves and color-coding. A customer can specify preferences or requirements regarding products in the virtual safe store . The customer preferences include, but are not limited to, whether the customer prefers spicy or bland food. The customer preference can also be regarding animal , animal tested products or products from boycotted producers, color choices of the customer and products being produced in a certain country. The customer preferences can indicate allergies and preferred products not containing specified allergens . An indication of level of criticality of the effect of certain products on the customer can be included in the customer preferences. Thereafter, the method and system identifies all the products

which match the customer preferences. The virtual safe store provides Graphical User Interface (GUI) which displays only preferred products. The GUI size expands or contracts to display only the preferred products. The customer can interact with the GUI to select one or more products from the preferred products .

Further, the method and system provides a version of GUI at home that keeps track of all of the available food at the customer's home . The method and system warns the customer if the customer combines two or more food items to which the customer can possess a low-level allergy. The GUI provides color-coded indications of products acceptability and danger. The method and system also determines whether the amount of food needed can be found at an actual store . The GUI includes a search bar

where the results to a search include indication of whether matching products carried by the virtual safe store contain one or more allergens. The virtual safe store can use search history (e.g., searches for sardines without soy (so oil)) to determine if the customer is allergic new products added to the virtual safe store .

Further, the method and system provides a GUI in the virtual safe store to give a customized view of available products. The GUI includes green, yellow and red rooms,

where the color of the room indicates a category of the products according to a level of allergen danger in the products. For example, the green room indicates the product being completely safe, the yellow room...