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Method and System for Performing Optimum Scheduling for Car Rides Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235976D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-01
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A method and system is disclosed for performing optimum scheduling for car rides. The method and system obtains information from riders and drivers and determines an optimum driver for a ride.

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Method and System for Performing Optimum Scheduling for Car Rides

Disclosed is a method and system for performing optimum scheduling for car rides .

The method and system collects route plans from drivers and riders and suggests carpooling schemes wherein itineraries and ride fares are optimized for both the riders and the drivers. The itineraries are optimized in such a manner that a driver receives recommendations for one of a shortest , a fastest and a cheapest route passing through specific locations where the riders are either picked or dropped . The ride fares are optimized in such a manner that the ride fares for drivers are maximized and the ride fares for the riders are minimized.

The system includes a portable device that includes a mobile application for submitting requests for a ride, delivering the recommendations, monitoring a ride, and enabling a rider to provide feedback about other riders or companion involved in the ride .

The system also includes a remote server responsible for delivering the recommendations. The method includes a step of enabling the driver and the rider to submit their respective current positions and destinations to the remote server using the mobile application. The method and system then enables the rider to send a ride request to a central station that coordinates a ride using a mobile device . The ride request includes the rider's current position and the destination. Additionally, the ride request includes some constraints, such as, but not limited to, time restrictions by assigning a start time and a finish time for the ride . Further, the ride request includes a place restriction wherein the rider specifies places in a city the rider does not intend to visit and partner restrictions, for instance, a female rider intends to ride with a female driver. Furthermore, the constraints correspond to a detour restriction whereby the rider does not intend to significantly deviate from an original route .

The central station then short lists drivers based on the ride reque...