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Method and system for automatic media content share based on user’s travel data. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235988D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-01
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A program is disclosed by which automatic media content will be shared based on user’s travel data.

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Method and system for automatic media content share based on user's travel data .

Once users travel to any place users capture different photographs and share photograph with friends, etc. That place becomes a memory to users. For example a user has travelled to Venice, Italy for 4 days. User has captured different photographs and has shared these photographs with friends, etc. Recently there is a new high tide in Venice and more than 70% of the city is flooded. Since user has visited Venice, user is also very much interested to know about the current situation of Venice, and also wants to view some recent photographs/ videos etc.

Following are some example (Figure 1) of recent Flood in Venice,29307,1863044_1808412,00.html

Figure 1

Invention proposes a method and system by which

1. User can configure his social network account with reputed news channel.

2. Invention will identify user's travel data from social networking site and will perform search in the configured news channels.

3. If the invention finds any recent news about the place, and the news is telecasted multiple times, or user opens the new URL multiple times, then the user will be notified about the news.

4. If the invention finds any news for the user, then invention will also search in public domain (e.g. YouTube*) and appropriate Video/image will be shared with user about his travelled place.

5. Invention als...