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Recipient selected email subject and body template Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236026D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-02
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A program is disclosed by which email Recipient can define the email subject and body template

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Recipient selected email subject and body template

There are many cases, in which email addresses are provided and users have to provide specific information about his request. For example, from Company 1, a user can book a rented car in advance. Since the user is traveling to India, the user wanted to book one rented car, so the user sent the requirement to one of the following email addresses.

After one hour, the user received a reply from the receiving party requesting additional information, like how many people will be travelling, what type of car is needed, card number, Expire date etc. In this instance, the problem is users don't know what type of information is to be provided, and sometimes the receiving party changes this information type.

Thus, there has to be a mechanism by which upon selecting the email address (in To section) and selection of appropriate subject name invention will provide a list of required information in the email body.

Invention proposes a method and system by which

1. Upon writing any email address in "To" section, a list of possible subject lines defined by the receiving party will be populated automatically in Subject section; user can select any subject line or can type his own subject line. .

2. Upon selecting any subject line, email body template will be displayed. So user can provide required information in email body.

3. Invention can also Provide XML based template that would have not just the Labels, but could indicate fo...