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Earthquake Vibration Mitigation Device Packaged for Universal Application in Server Rack Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236028D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-02
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Described is a method and apparatus capable of maintaining rack mounted server compliance in the event of an earthquake. The apparatus shown here can be installed into industry standard racks to provide stabilization and vibrational compliance where previously unavailable.

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Earthquake Vibration Mitigation Device Packaged for Universal Application in Server Rack

With recent events in Japan and other earthquake prone countries, focus on structures and data centers that are earthquake safe has intensified. Traditionally, server racks have been made earthquake proof by limiting system configurations, installing additional bracing, or some combination of the two. Limited system configurations affects the competitiveness of the offering and hinders the product when competing against other offerings. Additional bracing takes up cabling space and makes service more difficult. In addition, a unique brace must be designed for each rack to compensate for the different layout of attachment points on each rack.

    This invention solves both the problems by providing a drop in solution that improves the earthquake characteristics of a server rack. It is designed to fit within the 19-inch rack space so that any rack can utilize the invention but could be modified to fit other rack requirements. No unique designs for each rack type would be necessary.

    The present disclosure consists of an enclosure with a fluid contained within and a controller board connected to accelerometers at the base and top of the rack. The fluids position is adjusted by one of several possible methods based on the controller's measurements of the motion at the base and top of the rack. The enclosure could be designed to fit a multitude of rack sizes include, 19-inch, 21-inch, and custom sizes. The height of the enclosure in this embodiment is a standard 2U. This size could be varied depending on requirements.

    One embodiment of an earthquake mitigation device is shown below. Figure 1 shows a schematic of 19/21-inc...