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Method of providing branded progress in an application Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236037D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-02
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A progress indicator bar that provides branding for an application through presentation of a background image unique to the brand.

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Method of providing branded progress in an application

Many solutions require displaying multiple progress bars in a single user interface . It is standard practice to give all of these progress bars a common look and feel, where every progress bar essentially looks the same. As an iconic IBM Watson* user interface (UI) is developed, some design principals are trying to be reserved that are recognizable as "Watson" in a user interface that is often infinitely customizable by the client. One of the areas focused on is progress bars.

To provide the iconic Watson UI in an environment where there are multiple progress bars , a Watson branded image was added to the progress bars. However instead of each progress bar looking the same, as the progress increases, the progress bars reveal a contiguous image across all the bars on the page. If the image being revealed is smaller than height covered by the progress bars , the image repeats. Even in a heavily customized client UI, having iconic Watson progress bars, will help end users know that Watson is performing operations behind the scenes

Here is an example of a Contact Center UI, showing a list of incoming calls that are queued waiting for a Customer Service Representative to respond . As the calls are queued, Watson goes to work, looking through their account history, trying to find potential issues the customer may be calling about, trying to find sales opportunities that match the clients known interests etc ...

The progress bars display Watsons progress in processing the client 's information.

As the progress bar adv...