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A method to speed up presentation share in a web conference Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236041D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-03
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The synchronization of one presentation between the presenter and participants bothers people a lot. Due to existed techniques, which mean that the system transforms the PC screen into the pictures and delivers them to other devices by internet, time delay and bad user experience happen frequently. This article provides one new method of speed up the share of presentation. It divides the share process into two parts, one is presentation file downloading and another is signal controlling, which has less time delay, and is easier to be implemented.

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A method to speed up presentation share in a web conference

When a web conference is hold across the Internet, the synchronization between the presenter and participants may be a problem. Due to various network reasons, participants often have different speeds to get the presentation, some fast and some slow. According to the present invention, there is the common ways to implement the presentation share.

The web conference tool transmits a presentation by transforming the presentation screen to be a picture and sending. That means when a presenter opens one presentation, the tool copies the PC screen and delivers it to other participants. All the participants see the copied screen pictures.When the presenter turns the page, the tool copies the PC screen again and delivers it. It is repeated until the presentation is over.

This way needs lots of bandwidth and as the pictures are usually 20KB or more, it spends more time to deliver them in the internet. It causes a much bigger time delay between the presenter and participants. Besides, since the tool copies the PC screen, all the GIF picture, motion and embedded video in the presentation files can not be showed.

There are some solutions to speed up the synchronization:

1. Saving bandwidth is a known solution to improve the performance of web conference. Some applications sacrifice the quality of the content to acquire quicker data transmitting, such as compressing the image data from 1024 * 768 to 640 * 480, reducing the frames of images and so on.

2. Another way for synchronizing which resides in presenter side detects operations of page forwarding/ backward, then sends the information to audience side via the infrastructure of voice communication.

3. Providing a method in which the slow participants will retrieve supplementary data segments from fast ones. This will help to keep all participants synchronized with the presenter in a maximum extent in real-time.Besides this, A system based on Instant Messaging (IM) by which a presenter shares the currently presented page with participants.

know which page is being presented.

The key point of this new solution is that it divides the share process into two parts, one is presentation file downloading and another is signal controlling. The presentation of a web conference firstly is uploaded by presenter into the system and downloaded auto...