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Method and System for Substituting a Game User through Ad-Hoc Networks Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236044D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-03
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A method and system is disclosed for substituting a game user through ad-hoc networks. The method and system generates policies and rules for enabling a user to hand off a game play to another user.

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-Hoc Networks

Hoc Networks

Disclosed is a method and system for substituting a game user through ad -hoc networks. The method and system discloses a computer -based game management system that generates policies and rules for hand offs of game playing from one player to another. Additionally, social networks are generated on the fly for transferring a game session from one player to another player. Further, the method and system provides an option of a forced hand off from one player to another player based on the policies and rules and the social networks. Here, the policies and rules are based on
an analysis of advertising needs and bids, social needs of players, time of day, holidays, duration for which the player plays the game and a cognitive assessment of needs. For example, the game management system computes a function F based on some of the analysis given as value = F(duration of play, advertising bids). The generation of the social networks for hand offs is based on factors , such as, but not limited to, current social networks of a user, family members, co-workers, user demographics, user interests, consumer sentiment, brand preferences, loyalty, trends in awareness and sentiment, user-profile matching, a propensity to select advertisements, a cognitive assessment of needs and willingness to be exposed to advertisements . In a scenario, the player or a member of a social network is an artificial intelligence (AI) agent capable of questioning and answering and performing natural language processing (NLP).

Method and System for Substituting a Game User through Ad -

A game platform enables a market research sponsor or an advertiser to shape transferring of a game session between players, thereby providing research data and identifying latent consumer sentiment. Simultaneously, the game platform provides an entertaining and engaging experience for the players.

The games are tailored such that elements of game play elicit responses from participants that provide suggestions such as, but not limited to, possible player hand offs and brand preferences. An automatic ad-hoc social network generation leads to more authentic responses from the user and increases user participation rate .

The method and system adds a new feature and environment to the provisioning of one of an appealing application and a compelling application which are free applications . These applications are useful for game developers , companies and for passionate users. A new kind of application attracts an interested player to engage and form numerous kinds of social networks. A new class of games is expected to be embraced by the public at large, that enables the game providers to obtain client information and provide a compelling advertisement. The client information is provided in an opt-in fashion while maintaining privacy of the client. Additionally, free or discounted items, relevant advertisements, and an entertaining and engaging experience are prov...