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Single Mixed Refrigerant (SMR) Configurations Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236045D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-03
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Single Mixed Refrigerant (SMR) Configurations

One of the cycles commonly used in natural gas liquefaction is the single mixed refrigerant (SMR) cycle.

Fig. 1 shows a conventional SMR configuration.

Fig. 1

Mixed refrigerant (MR) is compressed in compressor CMP. The MR contains heavy components that condense out after being cooled back to about ambient temperature in cooler AC1. The two phases are separated in separator PS1. The first vapor portion is further compressed. the first liquid portion is pumped to the same pressure in pump PMP and recombined with the compressed first vapor portion. The combined stream is cooled in AC2, separated in PS2, and the second vapor and liquid portions further cooled in the main cryogenic heat exchanger (MCHE) and reduced in pressure to provide refrigeration for natural gas (NG) liquefaction. Additional phase separators may be employed.

Fig. 2 shows an alternative configuration.

Fig. 2

The first liquid portion is cooled in a separate circuit in the MCHE, reduced in pressure, and combined with the second liquid portion, which is also reduced in pressure to provide refrigeration near the warm end of the MCHE. This configuration eliminates the use of a pump.