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Pro-active Resource Reservation Prompter Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236052D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-03
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When we use a Calendar to schedule meetings and book Meeting Rooms; it is assumed that the Chairperson for the meeting, will reserve all the necessary resources (including meeting room). However, when a participant accepts the meeting-invite and needs to book additional resources (such as, a different meeting room for the location) in conjunction with the same meeting - the current protocol does not support this requirement adequately. The participant is expected to manage that resource reservation separately, and has to manually ensure that any changes in the current meeting is synchronized with the resource reservation. This is manual, less efficient, and error-prone. The proposed technique automates the management of Resource, which are required by the 'Target Entity' (or Participants) for performing the Scheduled Task (or a Meeting), without requiring the 'Originating Entity' (Chairperson) to determine & reserve these resources. It also automate the synchronization of changes in the 'Scheduled Task', and changes in the availability of 'Resources' - and further provides a facility to manage these changes by the participating Entity in a pro-active manner and reactive manner.

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Pro-active Resource Reservation Prompter

To generalize the problem that we are addressing - the Chairperson has invited a person from a different Organization. The Chairperson does not have visibility into the resources available for the participant from the other Organization. Likewise, the participant, will not be in a position to share the information about the resources available for this meeting back with the chairperson or the other participants. However, the participant may wish to share the information about resources (meeting room) with other participants from the same Organization. This is not adequately supported by the current tools / infrastructure. Currently, the participant uses another resource reservation system (which is not in sync with the participant's calendar & the specific meeting-invite) to reserve meeting room, and shares this information with other participants (in his/her Organization) using a different messaging system. If there are any changes in the meeting schedule, the participant is expected to manually sync'ed with resource reservation system and with the other participants - which is not user-friendly, less efficient & error-prone.

The technique that we are proposing involves coordination and communication between the following:
- Chairperson (CA) from Organization A
- Participants (PA1, PA2, PA3) from Organization A
- Resources (MRA1, MRA2) from Organization A
- Lotus Notes - Calendar App (Cal-A) from Organization A
- Resource Reservation DB (RRDB-A) from Organization A
- Participants (PB1, PB2) from Organization B
- Resources (MRB1, MRB2, MRB3) from Organization B
- Resource Reservation DB (RRDB-B) from Organization B
- Lotus Notes - Calendar App (Cal-B) from Organization B

- Participant PB1 is able to reserve MRB2 (say, meeting room) in the context of a meeting setup by CA and and share this resource reservation information only to PB2. Other participants (such as the CA, PA1, PA2, PA3 from Organization A) are not aware of this resource & the reservation. Further PB2, is able to include this information from PB1, in the context of meeting setup by CA.

- Participant PB1 is able to setup a resource reservation policy in the context of a meeting setup b...