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A Mechanism to Flexible Manage Multi-version of Hybrid Mobile Application Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236061D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-04

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We introduce a mechanism to flexible manage multi-version of hybrid mobile application to resolve the above problems The mechanism includes two parts: server and client with one transfer strategy to communicate with each other The version server The version comparator: manage all versions with different customers in the server side The framework calculator: calculate the file difference between the different version and customer The transfer strategy File difference: CSS and JavaScript Whole file: Images and HTML template The client application: The File Manager: manage all file and file fragements in the client side The File Selector: choose the file by criteria The File Integrator: integrate the file and file fragment to one whole file by criteria

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A Mechanism to Flexible Manage Multi

A Mechanism to Flexible Manage Multi-

The hybrid mobile application can support many versions for the same app. To update or upgrade the version, the client needs to reinstall the whole project and run it.

To test different versions in one device, the tester needs to install to update different version many times, it takes much time and costs network flow.

The common method to resolve the problem is updating the HTML template, JavaScript file and CSS file for the same version.

But for the different version, the project needs to be reinstalled.

We introduce a mechanism to flexible manage multi-version of hybrid mobile application to resolve the above problems

1. It can reduce the network flow to upgrade the same version

2. It can reduce the network flow to update the application

3. It can roll back to the previous version quickly

The Apparatus includes

1: The main web site: be responsible for supporting the detail information

2: The version server: be responsible for updating the client version to the newest version with least ha

3: Version comparator: be responsible for saving the mobile application version information and comparing the version between the client and the server

4: Framework calculaotr: be responsible for calculating and saving the file difference between different versions

5: The client app: be responsible for switching to different versions

6: File integrator: be responsible for generating the version corresponding files by base file and version fragments

7: File selector: be responsible for selecting the version files with version info

8: File manager: be responsible for managing different version files and file fragments


--version of Hybrid Mobile Application

version of Hybrid Mobile Application

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The mechanism includes two scenario: Upgrade to the newest version and Switch to one version exist on the device. The first scenario contains the following steps:

The Application sends to request to upgrade the version of it


VP(Version Comparator) receives the request and sends the version info to the FC (Framework Calculator)


FC receives the version info and sends the update files version by version to CA



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CA(Client Application) generates the newest files and updates the Application to the newest version


The developer can use the methods from the version control software like SVN, CVS to implement such scenario. The process of the scenario

The Server Update File Generation

Server contains all versions (version number and customer number), when upgrade from x to y, all versions in [x, y] will be checked one by one


Server contains the whole file for each version, when upgrade from x' to y'(x' and y' are consecutive)


If HTML file is modified, the file from the version y' is the update file


If HTML fragment is modified, the content difference between x' and y' is the update file


If functions in the same JavaScript file are modifie...